In addition to our really great shampoos, we are offering all new designer shampoos. These shampoos are aromatherapeutic with tension relieving scents, infused with essential oils, and PH balanced for the safety of your pet. They will not reduce the effectiveness of flea medication such as Advantage, Frontline, or Comfortis, or Cap Star.

All Designer, Luxury, and Medicated shampoos include a FULL BODY MASSAGE with matching conditioners and colognes.


Skin & Coat Therapy

♣ Basic Skin/Coat Therapy

Ochah Natural Pet Care products come from Israel’s Dead Sea, which is 1407 feet below sea level, and made with human-grade, all-natural ingredients. Hair feels softer, silky, smooth and shiny. Removes impurities, exfoliates skin and coat. Help with dry itchy skin and hot spots. Deep conditions, rehydrates skin and rebuilds coat. Calms, relaxes and soothes the skin. Repels fleas and parasites. (replaced Furminator Treatment)

When used on a regular basis, the benefits of these produts help to:
  1. Reduce hair loss
  2. Reduce shedding
  3. Eliminate dandruff
  4. Decrease itching
  5. Reduce stress
  6. Improve skin condition
  7. repair damaged tissue
  8. Relieve hot-spots


Ochah products include:

Ochah’s All-Natural Dead Sea MINERAL MUD SCRUBS will help your pampered pup find relief from itching and scratching due to dry skin, eczema, insect bites, and psoriasis, while helping to eliminate dandruff and hot-spots. The human-quality ingredients and active Dead Sea minerals provide a therapeutic experience, giving you a clean, calm, and content canine.

Ochah’s All-Natural Dead Sea MINERAL 3-N-1 SHAMPOOS are designed to promote a healthy, clean, and soft coat for your pet – the rich and silky fur that you can’t stop running your fingers through. Not that you need more reasons to touch your furry child .

Ochah’s All-Natural Dead Sea MINERAL CAT SHAMPOO cleans your pet’s coat while moisturizing their skin. Our specially formulated recipes decrease itching and scratching, and minimize dandruff and painful skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, and hot-spots.


♣ Flaky Skin

Nature Specialty Products

Nature Specialty Moisturizer Pre-soak (replaced hot oil treatment)


♣ Itching


A conditioning shampoo and rinse is a treatment for the pet that is continually itchy.


♣ Hair Loss

A 10-week session for the pets who experience hair loss for various reasons.





















♣ Services To Choose From For An Additional Fee

  • PAW SOAK – Softens your pet’s pads.
  • BLUEBERRY FACIAL (tearless face wash) – Cleanses and brightens your pet’s face.
  • EAR FLUSH – Vet recommended, medicated.
  • FURMINATOR – Helps to de-shed your pet.
  • MOISTURIZING PRESOAK (Nature’s Specialty) – Replaces hot oil for skin irritation. Gentle coat cleanser. Helps decrease hair loss. Highly conditioning effect while soothing and moisturizing. (Replaced Hot Oil Treatment)
  • COLOR ME HAPPY – Temporary pet coloring of ears or tail. Some stencils may work on smooth coated dogs.


Spa Products

We carry beauty-spa products for an additional fee to enhance your pet’s well-being, health, and comfort:


Fancy premade bows for only $1
Doggie treat bags for only $1


Tropi-clean dental health products to control pet breath, and promote better oral health. Dental hygiene kits are available.


We carry a full line of Lupine collars and leashes for all sizes of dogs. Lupine products are guaranteed even if chewed.



Advantage, Frontline, Comfortis, and Capstar.